The educational trail has a number of stops with numbered information boards with more  details of the interesting features, phenomena and buildings located along the trail. The trail serves an important function by providing an opportunity to learn more about watermills, plant life, animal life and natural beauty experienced on a Little Danube rafting trip.

Guide materials for the educational trail are provided after purchasing a ticket or download the same materials by scanning the QR code on this board with your smartphone and a compatible application.

stránka Satelitná MAPA _FINAL

General information about the educational trail:

Start: Tomášikovo, water Mill

Finish: Jahodná, restaurant Alba Régia

Length: 10 km

Time: 90 min

Dashboards: 8


Names of the information boards:

unnamed Information board – Watermill in Tomášikovo and Pollarded willows

unnamed (1)Information board – Little Danube

unnamed (2)Information board – Lowland Forests

unnamed (3)Information board – Little Danube Meanders

unnamed (4)Information board – Plant life

unnamed (5)Information board – Animal life

unnamed (6)Information board – Watermill in Jahodná

unnamed (7) Information board – Rye Island

About the educational trail